Week 1 Mexico MTC 8/28/13

Hey everyone!
This week has been so great. I definately miss you guys, but I am learning so much. About myself and about what God wants me to be. I actually have two companions, Hermana Howell and Hermana Orr, because a girl in our district got moved to a higher class. (Dont worry, Im in the begging class, a lot has been review, but Im learning a lot of vocabulary, and its been nice becuase I havent been too stressed.) They are both great missionaries, and Ive learned a lot from them. My district is fantastic, I love them, there are times when not much gets done, but its usually because were talking about spiritual things. Everyone is super strong in the gospel and I love learning from them. I really like my teacher too. He motivates us to work our hardest because we want to do our best, not because hes checking up on the things we do.
Today was my first P-day…obviously, but it was awesome because we got to go to the temple. We left here at eight and got back around two so its a little time consuming, but so worth it. Ive attached some pictures of my district and a little of what Mexico looks like, at least the part Ive seen, and Ill try to send some pictures of the casa next week.
The weather is a lot like Utah in the spring, kind of chilli in the mornings, but it warms up as the day goes on. It also rains a lot more here, probably every other day or so. They put the Hermanas in the casa and its really nice, theres 5 rooms with two bunk beds each. We also have 2 washers and a dryer. I hear theres lots of mosquitos in the dorms where the boys are staying, but Ive only seen a few, and havent been bit once.
Were teaching an investigator, they started us the first week, but just today I found out that she is going to be our teacher after Friday, Which I almost wish I didnt know, because it makes me think I will try to teach her differently. One of the hardest things for me here is that I dont think Im recognizing the spirit when it teaches me. I can definately tell when its testifing, ha, with me its hard not to miss. But trying to teach by the spirit is a whole different ball game. It truely is a ¨still small voice. We did an excercise where I taught and Elder who was pretending to be a really good friend that isnt a member. It was really hard when I was teaching because I didnt know what to say. But I did know when what I was saying was wrong, I would start to bear my testimony, or challange him to be baptized and would have to stop because it felt wrong, but I didnt nessicarilly know if what I did end up saying was right. No wonder Oliver Cowdry had a hard time translating. Anyway afterward I found out that the Elder I was teaching really felt the spirit during my pauses. I guess I just need to walk on faith a little more.
Thanks so much McKinzie for writing things down from my setting apart. It really really helped this week.
Oh! I had to speak this sunday. Were supposed to prepare a five minute talk every week, and the Branch President (who I really like) randomly picks someone to give it. Of course it was just my luck that I got picked first. We had a lot of meetings, but they were all really good. We also have a movie every Sunday, this Sunday it was The Testiments. I really missed you then. I miss being together on Sunday nights, but I know Im where Im supposed to be, and Im so glad to be here. I love you all so much! And Im excited to see where this next year and a half takes us all. Looking forward to your letters next week!


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