Made it to Mexico!

Hey everyone!
Just got in to the Mexico MTC. Mexico is so beautiful! Ill have to figure out how to do apostrophes on these key boards because I cant figure it out. I havent opened my lugagge yet, but Im sure its fine. The flight was good- I was able to take a nap on both flights. On our first flight I met a man that grew up in Tremonton. He told us that he and his family are going to the rodeo next week. I got to sit next to a sister who is going to my same mission. There is also another Elder going to our mission. I aslo met a man named Rueben, he had six kids and is a cook in Moab.
We saw a little of Texas because the airport was so big we had to take a train to get to our gate. I sat closer to the back on that flight so my seat was smaller, but it didnt matter becuase I was on my way to Mexico!
The streets are so colorful. All the houses are brick and stucco and there is street art everywhere. Even the overpasses are painted bright colors. The streets were kind of crazy but we had a good driver so I wasnt scared. I love all the Spanish everywhere. Everytime I see a word I try to translate it. Its really exciting when I get it right.
The MTC is huge! All I ever saw of the Provo MTC was the Cafeteria, so I dont have a lot to compare it to, but there is a full size soccer court in the compoud as well as tennis courts and tons of buildings and houses and dorms. Ill send pictures my next P-day whenever that end up being. They are feeding us pizza because we missed dinner. Oh! and I was able to print off my immunization form.
Anyway, I love you and miss you all! Good luck at school,


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