What is new for March 28



Hey ya´ll!

Sorry, its going to be short this week. but I just want to let you know thaaaat, Both Hna Zelada and Hna Virula had changes. They are both in Monchito, Santa Barbara and I´m still here in El Dorado. My new companion is Hna Cardona. She is super sweet, and we get along very well. Its incredible to me how different we are, but how we are all children of God and we each have something special that we can do that no one else can. President Dester is definately very inspired, and I have learned a lot from his example of lookin to God for guidance.
This week I had my first baptism. Helen´s family just reactivated in the church and have this incredible drive to get to the temple. Her Dad Porfilio is so touching, hes very shy, and had a lot of fear, but when we asked him to give the closing prayer at the baptism he did it. I loved to see the tears in his eyes as he gave the prayer, I know this will be a good motivation for them to get to the temple.
Also, I´d just like to invite you all to give a small act of service this week. to look for the people in need instead of waiting for them to ask you. I´ve seen the consequences when we leave our beloved brothers and sisters to fall because we´re so concerned in our own lives, and because its not ¨our responsability¨. I know you all do so much, and I admire you for all you do.
I hope this week brings you lots of blessings,
Hna Robertson
New companionImageImage

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