Ruins At Copan

DSC03469Jan.5, 2014
Hey Guys!!!

Okay, so this week has basically been awesome. It’s crazy how bad things can happen during the week and then by the end everything is better, and from the outside nothing really changes, or doesn´t change very much, but what really changes is who you are, or your perception of things.

This week we have seen huge progress in our area, Hna Zelada can see it better than I because she has been there longer, and to be honest is more perceptive than I am when it comes to that. I love it, because she is teaching me how to do it for myself. I just hope I can learn everything I can from her before cambios. With the number of missionaries coming in its likely that I will be training, or at least senior companion. It’s actually really scary and I try not to think about it. The longer I´m out here, the more I realize how much of a child I am in the gospel and its principles. and then I think about the fact that I´m supposed to be teaching it to people who know less than I do? It really is the spirit that does any lasting teaching.

Well, that got sidetracked. We had a mission coordination meeting this week, and almost all the leadership was there. Which I´ll be honest is a vast improvement from the week before when only the Relief Society President showed up. We also had the Ward Council Meeting and helped set goals for the next year. I really am so excited! ha, I know that working together with a spirit of love and following the Directions of the spirit we can be instruments in the Lord´s hands.

I also learned that sometimes problems seem a lot bigger than they are. Or maybe more accurately with the Lord´s help, problems that seem insurmountable can work out.

I also love seeing people progress. It’s something that I didn´t notice as much in my first area. I think part of the reason was because I wasn´t looking, but now, every little step forward brings me such joy.

I learned some things this week about pride, and selfishness, and humility. I lot of times when we have problems it’s because we are thinking only about ourselves and what we lack, or what would be easier to do. Or at least that was the case for me. Once I started to realized, not only in my mind, but in my heart everything changed.

Also, today we
went to the
Copan Ruins!
Super cool!


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