Transfers for Christmas…The City of Gold…EL Dorado

Dear Family and Friends,

I´m so sorry I didn´t get a letter out last week! Don´t worry, I didn´t die, ha, but the power went out while we were in the internet cafe and I wasn´t able to finish it.

We had cambios this week, and I am now in a city called ¨La Entrenada¨…I think. ha, Its close to Santa Rosa and its super nice because its no where near as hot here as it was in San Pedro. My area is called El Dorado, and its name fits. Its super beautiful, and there is a little bit of all of my favorite things. Theres a supermarket for food, the houses are all bright and beautiful, we´re surrounded by hills, everything is a hill, and I live in a mansion. Seriously. the kitchen is in a different room than our beds…more importantly, there is more than one room! ha, I´ll send pictures next week.

My new companion´s name is Hna Zelada, she is from Guatamala and is going to have 9 months this next week. She is awesome, always laughing, and she´s super good with people which is helping me learn to talk to people also. Also, she makes me do things, like talk on the phone with people, which is good for me.

I was trying to teach Hna Zelada the phrase…frase?…phrase “over the hill” and she thought I said “older than hell” haha, I laughed so hard. Theres a lot of instances like that that happen.

Anyway, I don´t have much time, but I love you guys, and I miss you!


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