Life in El Dorado, learning to cook

Merry Christmas!!!!

My letters are going to be shorter for the next couple of months because the internet cafes here in El Dorado are kind of pricey…well everything is more expensive, but we have the same alotment of money, which is good, helps me budget. I´m also eating more healthy because we don´t have a cocinera and I get to cook my own food. its a little time consuming which is frustrating, but I´m learning how to cook all sorts of Typical guatamalan foods. Including fried platanos #ever´day #butreallyonlyonce they were really good.

Thanks everyone for all your Christmas Cards! I really appreciate your love and support.

I love this season because we have the oppotunity to talk about Christ and all he has done for us. we get the opportunity to recognize his part in our lives.

This week I´ve also been learning how to wait on the Lord´s time. All my life, I´ve always felt that if I wanted something to happen, all I had to do was just try hard enough, and it would work out. But sometimes It doesn´t happen that way, people have thier agency. Faith in the Lord also means Faith in his timing. Pray like everthing depends on the Lord and then Work like everthing depends on you.

I also feel like I´m learning who I really am. Maybe more than that I´m learning to recognize my own talents, ha and my own faults. but its a good thing.

So one of the Chrismas traditions here is to eat pig head. well we were visiting a house of a member and she I was talking with Hna Zelada when Hna Crisia decided she wanted to show us the pig head. She came up behind me and I was so scared when I looked and saw this pig head staring back at me. Hna Zelada had a good laugh at that one.

Love you guys!!! Can´t wait to talk to you fam!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!


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