Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Fam and Friends,
Happy Thanksgiving! Its hard to believe I’ve been on a mission for 3 months #practicallyanoldlady #joke I feel super green. and I’m starting to understand how stressed Hna Marroquin felt when she found out she would be training with only 4 months under her belt, but I guess this is an opportunity to rely almost completely on the spirit…and Preach My Gospel. that really is an inspired book and its contents apply to everyone, not just missionaries.

We had a Zone Conference this week. It was awesome, we read in Jacob 5 near the very end v 76 or so? It talks about how there were servants in the feild, and they “were few”. Our President asked us, “if you had a work that you loved and you had but few helpers, how would you feel about them? It really helped me put it into perspective. but this applies to everyone, you don’t have to be a full time missionary to share the gospel, we’re all called. the church has 15 or so million members, but compared to 7 Billion? we are few. God is working with us. Angels are preparing the way, for you and for me to share this Gospel with God’s children.

Right after Zone Conference we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. I came back to Las Brisas with Hna Escalante while Hna Marroquin went to El Carmen. She enjoyed being the Junior Companion. I enjoyed the exchange. Hna Escalante is from Mexico so her accent was easier to understand, and we got a lot accomplished, but the problem was that I expected Hna Marroquin to come back and be exactly like Hna Escalante. Which put a strain on our relationship. I had to learn, that just because its not my way, doesn’t mean its wrong. I also needed to learn to have more sympathy for Hna Marroquin, I completely ignored the fact that she only has 6 months on her mission, thats hardly more than me! But Heavenly Father helped us work it out, and I feel like I understand her much more than before.
There is a 10 year old in our area who got baptized with the last missionaries, but his Mother was unwilling to listen to the missionaries, but this week she told him that she is going to go to church! what a miracle, we’re going to go teach their family tonight and I’m so excited. I know its and answer to the prayers of little Jorgito.

Also we made Rice Crispies this week, but we used chocolate cornflakes. Aaand, I burnt the marshmellows #futuremom ha, but we ate it anyway, it tasted just like smores. or at least my smores, because I burn those too…

Love you guys! thanks for your emails, they help me so much, and Enjoy your Thanksgiving. (I also learned a lot about being grateful, but I don’t have time to write about it)

be safe!

Hna Robertson


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