Transfers…not me 8)


Hello Everyone,
Something is different this week. I´m not really sure what specifically changed, but everything seems to have improved, has improved. We had cambios, and I´m still in Brisas with Hna Marroquin (happy day!) and my district leader is now my zone leader and one of the Elders in the office (he also happens to be serving in the same ward as us) is now our district leader. We also found out that there’s a whole other neighborhood in our area that we didn´t know about. #awkward. That’s kind of an important thing to know. Ha, but it’s good.

I was talking to Hna Marroquin about the change, and I agree with her that it’s because we’re trying harder to follow the spirit. I also learned that I needed to humble myself, to realize that any success we have is because of God. This is his work, and we need to do it his way, that means testifying and following the spirit.

Something else that helped me was going to cambios, even though we didn’t have them, (Hna Marroquin’s entrainadora was leaving so we got special permission to go) I got to see all the new missionaries, and feel of the excitement they have for missionary work.

Funny story, while we were at cambios they asked me to give the opening prayer #huh. anyway there I was, in front of all these missionaries…praying…in Spanish. Let’s just say it was a little stressful. Then I close by saying “gracias por presidente viers y su esposa” ya…our mission president’s name is President Dester. President Viers was the old mission president that left in July. Before I even came to the mission. #couldhavehadaV8. It was really embarrassing.

Oh, I got proposed to today, don’t worry I said no. ha, he just wanted me for my citizenship ha.

oh, IMPORTANT: My p-day next week is on Tuesday, so don’t expect a letter from me on Monday.

Also I used up a whole pen. Do you realize how awesome that is? Not only is it the first time in my whole life, but it means I didn’t lose a pen for a whole month and a half. thats practically a miracle in and of itself.

It was Hna Marroquin’s six month anniversary and I wanted to do something special for her so I asked Hna Evelin if she could make a cake (because we all know I can’t cook a thing…also we don’t have an oven in our apartment) and it was super fun. Hna Marroquin is awesome. She’s literally half my size, but I think just about everybody would bet on her in a fight between the two of us, all the Elders are scared to play her in soccer,

Hna Evelin’s daughter is so funny, and sassy. We were leaving a visit with a family and I think she felt ignored or something because she goes, “A Dios feas” (Bye uglies) and runs off, I laughed so hard I almost dropped the stroller I was helping to carry out.

We found a lot of new investigators this week, including a little girl that is going to turn nine in December. Her grandma is a recent convert and mom goes to a different church, we’re talking to her mom, and praying that the Lord will soften her heart so she will join the church and support her daughter.

Love you guys lots! I miss you, but I’m so happy here. Keep writing me, I love to hear about everything going on back home, study your scriptures, Pray, and know that God loves you, and I love you.

be safe,

Hna Robertson


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