Hello Everyone

I’ve finished an agenda book. An entire Cambio here in Honduras. Woah, super crazy! We have cambios on Wednesday, I doubt I’ll be reassigned since I’ve only been here one change, and Hna Marroquin is training me, but I won’t find out for sure until tonight so…I’ll let you know.

Oh my, it’s so hard to remember things! ah! Okay. On Sunday we went to go visit some recent converts with our Ward Mission Leader, and about 10 minutes in the other Elders in our ward showed up too #awkward and about five minutes after that the visiting teacher of the convert came! #somethingsgoingonhere. Ha it was crazy, but then we found out that Doloris (that’s her name) had been having a bad day and that all the people showing up was God’s way of showing her that he cared about her. I love that the Lord answers our prayers according to our understanding. Something that seems common place, or awkward (like all the missionaries in the ward showing up to the same place) can be an answer to someone’s prayers.

So my companion and I have this joke that if one of us is annoying the other, we threaten to make them sleep outside. Ha, so I locked the door after me once this week and she ended up climbing in through the window. I would have let her in…Eventually. Also, she has some Raybands that look pretty spiffy. I’ll attach a photo.

It’s also super interesting that I love being taught. Maybe because now I appreciate how hard it can be to put together a lesson that is simple and powerful. We had a Family Home Evening with one of the members last week and he taught the importance of the Sacrament using Moroni Chapter 6…I think, I’m pretty sure it was chapter 6…anyway, it was super powerful. I love that everyone has a different way of teaching, and they are all good, each of us has a unique gift, a unique way of touching people. I love it. I’m so glad we’re not all the same.

Also this week we went around doing service one of the mornings and I was able to help a kid with his English homework. As I pondered the experience later I realized that I really enjoyed it. Maybe when I get back to the states I’ll change my major and become a teacher. I have a year and a half before I have to worry too much about it.

I love you guys! Keep smiling, stay positive, share the gospel!

Hna Robertson


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