My apartment and adjusting to missionary life


Hey everyone it’s so good to hear from you. I love getting your letters.

This week has been awesome. ha, but it was also a little rough for a while there. Basically everything hit at once. The language, misunderstandings with my companion, a lack of progress, I don’t know, everything. And I was lucky enough to have that happen when we had interviews with the president. He gave me some great advice to talk to my companion, and even though I was being prideful (I thought I knew better than him that my companion wouldn’t want to hear my opinion) I tried to open up to her, and found out that all along, we’d been thinking the same things. We just hadn’t told each other. Ha, what a foolish mistake, think of all that time wasted when I could have just talked to her. I’m just glad she’s my trainer and we’ll have two cambios together at least (3 months).

At least I’m relatively sure we will. There were three sisters this last cambio that are training with only six weeks in the mission. How crazy is that? The Lord is truly hastening his work, and we have to help out in every way possible.

This week we had a good talk with the Ward Mission Leader about what needs to happen here (I know, I know, It should have happened weeks ago) The plan is to teach families, The problem in Honduras is that they have a lot of baptisms, but basically no retention. This past year there’s been 50 baptisms and only 7 of them are attending church. #thatsaproblem. So the plan is to get references from strong, active families, and teach families, both part member families and newly referred families. I have gained a whole new testimony of the importance of friendship in missionary work. Not just from the missionaries, but from the ward members as well. These children of God need a friend they can turn to when the missionaries leave. I definitely am going to be better at that when I come back.

There’s not a whole lot more that’s happened this week. We lost a lot of time because we had interviews, and my companion qualified for residency so we had to go get that done. #livinlegalnow. There was a miscommunication and we showed up on the wrong day. That was a little frustrating, but we actually talked to a lady that was in our area that needed some help. Isn’t it awesome that Heavenly Father can turn our weaknesses and mistakes into blessings? How beautiful it is that he trusts us with the “fine china” so to speak, of people’s souls. And he will strengthen our hands so that we won’t drop them.

I love you all. I pray for you, and I know that God is aware of your needs. He will shape your back to the burden placed upon it.

God Bless,


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