Boy is it Hot!


Dear family and friends,

Ah! I have so much to write, and so little time! Its okay though, because I wrote down notes of the things I wanted to tell you. Okay first of all, Honduras is awesome. Love it here. Its humid. ha. When we got off the plane it was like getting kicked in the stomach, but I’m getting used to it. Ha, but I’ve definitely received a new appreciation for air conditioning. Seriously though, ha.

Okay first cool thing, I placed a Book of Mormon in the airport, and Hemana Grondel placed another one on the plane. Pretty exciting. The first one was to a man that was flying to go to his wife on vacation, he seemed very receptive, and I got his contact information, he’s from Columbia, and gave it to the APs, I just tried to email him and it was rejected, so hopefully I just copied it down wrong. (Elder Chaney, it was your Book of Mormon, ha, it was definitely put to good use).

The first night Hma, Grondel and I got to stay in President Dester’s high rise home. It was fantastic. the view was amazing. And President Dester and his wife are awesome. Did I mention that it was fantastic? ha, they live on the 20th floor.

The next day we listened to a talk by President Holland, it was the same talk as before, but it had a completely different meaning, It was the story of Peter going back to his nets after Christ died. And how we can never go back. Ever. As I listened I realized my nets had changed. I’ll be honest, I was having a rough time leaving my new friends in the MTC, I missed everything. I was looking back with longing instead of ahead. The MTC had become my net, my boat. Not that it was a bad thing at all. The notes of encouragement I received from my district in the MTC meant the world to me this week.

Something else really cool that happened in the airport…well actually…before we left, I asked for a blessing, one of the things it said, was to see with Christ’s eyes, it was really cool because as I were in the airport as I looked at people I kept thinking, “They need the Gospel, Heavenly Father wants them to have the Gospel in their lives”.

Okay, so here in Honduras, they click their fingers differently than we do. They put their first and third fingers together and fling their hand. And it’s so hard!!! I’ve been practicing, but progress has been little, maybe by next week.

So I watched Conference in Spanish except for the Sunday Morning Session…ya that was an adventure, but we watched the others upstairs in the chapel of the church and while we were watching a dog walked in! ha, and older lady threw her shoe at it and it left after that.

My area is called Las Brisas. I guess its a new area, the Elders before us were the ones that opened it. (and not that I have anything against elders, but they left their apartment in a mess. My companion, Hermana Marroquin, was not the happiest.) Its somewhere in San Pedro Sula…I would probably compare it to the suburbs…but honestly its the only part I’ve seen. I guess we have four progressing investigators, but the area book didn’t have any of their numbers so we’ve only been able to find two.

Anyway, I’ve got to go. Love you all!!!
The spirit of the Lord is here, and in this work. The church is True!

Love Hermana Robertson


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