Last Day in the CCM

Dear Family and Friends,

Last Friday was in-field orientation, it was long but it was really good. There was a translator that was cracking jokes the whole time. I also got a piece of candy for answering a question. It was so good. It was like 9:00 at night and I was so ready for bed, and I didn’t think I was going to be able to answer the question, but some Hermanas helped me out. It was so good. So good. It tasted like Christmas, it was like one of those orange jello bars that everyone always sends at Christmas. Don’t worry, I shared it with the Hermanas that helped me.
Yesterday was Fast Sunday because of General Conference, but since it was our last week they let us do a musical number, it was Abide With Me combined with I Need Thee Every Hour. So fun.
It’s so hard to believe that at this time tomorrow I will be in Honduras. I’m so excited to share this gospel with the people of Honduras. Even though I will miss my district and my teachers, I know that they are going out to do amazing things. I have made amazing memories with them, and I have grown to love them so much.
I have learned so much in my stay here. I’ve learned my purpose, I’ve learned how much God loves me, I’ve learned to rely on the spirit. I’ve learned the joy that comes from serving others.
I’ve learned these things from my teachers, my district, and the Lord. And I’m so looking forward to learning these things even better on my mission, and learning so much more.
This work is real, it is God’s. He has sent us to preach the Gospel because it’s true. Because he loves us, because he wants us to return to him and have a fullness of joy. The joy this gospel brings is immeasurable, and I have realized a little of how much I have taken it for granted. God speaks to his children today, he has chosen prophets. He called Joseph Smith to restore His gospel. The Book of Mormon is true. It holds a power to bring us closer to Christ and to understand his atonement more. Christ walks with us, he knows us. Our joys and our sadness. He rejoices with us. He weeps with us. He loves us perfectly. He knows us. He knows us perfectly. He knows exactly what we need and he prepares a way for us. He sent us here to succeed. We have power within us that we can’t even imagine, and if we follow Christ, if we learn from him, and do what he asks, we will reach our potential. The potential that Christ sees in us.

Love you all,
Hermana Robertson


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