Week 4 at the CCM

Hey Everyone!!!

This is my second to last week in the MTC. Its so hard to believe that I only have one more P-day, one more Tuesday devotional, one more batch of Newbies and I’m gone. I’m going to be so sad to leave here. I love my district. So much. I feel like I really have come to know and admire each one of them. Its kind of a miracle because it usually takes me a while to really warm up to people. Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is the term Zion. Two phrases in particular. D&C 97:21 “for this is Zion – THE PURE IN HEART” and Moses 7:18 “And the Lord called his people ZION, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.” For me, right now, Zion is my classroom. I have heard my district’s happiness and their sorrow, their joys and their tears. We are one of heart and mind because our sole mission right now is to declare the Doctrine of Christ, to invite his children to return unto him, to give them the happiness in the gospel that we enjoy. And God is remaking us, purifying us. We still retain our personalities, our passions, but they are within the bounds that God has set, which makes all the difference.

This week was Mexican Independance day and we were able to go to a fantastic cultural event. We saw a video that really showcased some of the Mexican culture and then we saw some youth perform some traditional dances. I loved it! Afterwards I really felt a love for the Mexican people and culture. I also felt a lot closer to Papa and it struck me again how awesome it is that I am serving a mission in the same language as he did. We were also able to watch the Grita live from the auditorim. It was cool, the only problem was that it didn’t start untill like eleven at night, and when your sleeping schedule is already resricted…? Lets just say the next couple days were a little rough in class.

We also had a substitute yesterday because our teacher went on a day trip to climb some volcano somewhere. (Why he couldn’t wait till his district left I don’t know, ha) We were learning the difference between Preterit and Imperfect (two different kinds of past tenses in spanish) and it left everyone feeling discouraged. I think it was good for us though. The instructor shared with us some inspired messages (Not only were they inspired, but the messages were repeated that night by two other people, and because theres no such thing as coincidences, Heavenly Father really wanted us, me in particular, to get the message), and after we had a good talk as a district, we realized that we all were feeling down, and someone said to go around and each say our favorite thing about the MTC. The oppressive feeling in the classroom disappeared. I think that is one of my many favorite experiences here.

Well, I love hearing everything thats going on from you. Even if my replies aren’t very long, I can hear your personalities through your words and it makes me so happy! In the MTC I’ve been able to buy paper and print off emails, but I doubt that will happen once I get to Honduras. Some of your words have been answers to my specific prayers and feelings, so thank you.

God be with you,

Hermana Robertson


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