Another Week at the CCM

Hey everyone!

This week had been crazy for me, and it sounds like its been crazy for you too. Highlights of this week have been committing Melissa to baptism, getting your letters, talking with some natives, a really amazint teaching demonstration, lots of answered prayers, two new investigators, and a couple funny stories.

After I emailed you last week week my companions and I taught Melissa, as we were talking, I felt prompted to commit her to baptism, she said she wanted a little more time, after a moment Hermana Howell bore a beautiful testimony, the spirit was so strong! Then Hermana Orr asked her again if she would be baptized, and she said yes! I know in real life Melissa is Hermana S, but she wouldn’t have commited to baptism if she hadn’t felt the spirit. I know that each of us brings something to the atmosphere, and it was such a spiritual high.

The next night when Hermana S was having her last round of discussions she brought in some of her friends to speak with us. It was funny because everyone else started launching into discussions, but right off the bat the guy we were talking to told us that his life goals were to get married in the temple and go on a mission so we just chilled and talked with him. It was so fun, I definately need to work on my Spanish, but it was cool to talk to him and learn a bit about him. Hes going to the MTC sometime next week so hopefully we’ll see him while hes here, ha, and hopefully our spanish will improve a lot by then.

This week I was thinking a lot about how we need to ask questions if we want them answered. Right before Hermano H started a teaching demonstration I prayed “I don’t have a specific question Heavenly Father, but I’m ready tolisten and learn whatever youawnt me to learn”. To my surprise Hermano H called me up to demonstrate. He wanted me to pretend to be someone I was close to who wan’t a member, for some reason my brain froze and I decided to be me, if I hadn’t had the gospel in my life. It was an amazing, powerful experience, definately lead by the spirit. Even though I knew I am a daughter of God, by testimony of it deepened and strengthened. My testimony of Christ was strengthened. It also really hit hard that I am a representative of Christ, I need to say what he would say, not just because he said good things, but because he knows so much more than me, he knows the hearts of the people I will talk to, he knows their needs, he knows their weaknesses. He knows what they need to hear.

In class we read the Book of Mormon together and a lot of things came together so that we ended up reading Mosiah 22 (I think…its the chapter where Aaron was teaching the King). At the time I was really identifing with Aaron. Heavenly Father could have easily sent Ammon to talk with the King, and in my mind I thought it would have been just as good, if not better, if Ammon had just gone. Heavenly Father corrected my thinking when he prompted an Elder to share that God had prepared Aaron for Lamoni’s Father, and had prepared Lamoni’s father for Aaron. It really testified to me that Heavenly Father does have a purpose for sending me to Honduras, I am being/have been prepared for people, and they for me. And I trust that Heavenly Father will help me to not mess it up.

We’re teaching two new investigators who are not as interested in the Gospel as Melissa was. The discussion with Nancy was a little rocky for me, but I’ve written about that in some paper letters that I’m going to try to get sent this week, but our discussion with Héctor went really really well. Or at least better than everyone else was saying it went for them (we all teach the same investigators). I know a lot of it was because Hermana Howell fasted for us. Anyway, I’m really excited to continue teaching them.

Okay funny stories. We found out yesterday that one of the Elders in our district’s Mom was childhood friends with Hermano H’s mom. it was so funny the way Hermano H told it because he was talking in Spanish (like always) and was telling us this story about two childhood friends and says one was named Carrie and one was named Linda, and then says (in spanish) “Linda has a son, Elder Ha. and my mom is Carrie” then Elder Ha was like, “I know Carrie! she was my mom’s friend!” His reaction was priceless.

Last story. Last night after devotional we stopped by Reception to see if there was a package for Hermana Orr. Elder Wa. heard someone playing “Out of my League” on the piano and decided to go find out who it was. He goes upstairs to look around, the music has stopped but he hears voices. As he approaches the room he sees a girl sitting on a couch and theres a guy turning towards her and saying “So I’ll only play one or two more so…” and right at that moment he makes eye contact with Elder Wa. Lo and Behold it was Hermano H! ha, can you imagine? not only to have your date crashed by some missionary, but to have it crashed by someone in your district? so so funny. I’m just glad it wasn’t me.

Anyway, I love you all so much! Can’t wait for your next letter!

Hermana Robertson


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